Why Work With GTG Wealth Management

  1. Cost Transparency.  When it comes to investing, cost matters.  Most investors focus only on the costs that are explicitly stated, however, the implicit costs associated with investing can diminish portfolio returns as well.  Our goal is to provide fully transparent portfolios to ensure that investors know exactly what they are paying.

  2. No Self-Dealing.  Fiduciaries that push their own proprietary mutual funds have an inherent conflict of interest since they are no longer unbiased in their investment selection.   

  3. Global Diversification.  GTG Wealth Management offers a variety of asset class portfolios that are focused on capturing US and global market returns.  These asset allocation models based on risk and return premiums.

  4. Cost Efficient.  Our focus is to deliver low cost solutions for investors.  Since costs are directly correlated with investment returns, we focus on delivering competitively priced investment portfolios and services.

  5. Fiduciary Management.  Since we are a fiduciary, we sit on the same side of the table with you with no conflicts of interest. 

  6. State of the Art Technology.  We use technology to serve you better and more efficiently.  In the ever changing fast paced world that we live in, it is important for you to get your account information timely. 

  7. TD Ameritrade & Charles Schwab are Custodians.  GTG Wealth Management never takes physical custody of client assets but instead we use third party custodians to ensure that clients’ monies are safe and secure.